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Our Royal Court A Message from Tammy Palmer


Our Royal Court is how we lovingly refer to our five wonderful daughters. It was through wanting to give back that we began developing a jewelry collection whose mission would be dedicated to funding orphan-related causes, We realized it was a perfect fit to name it Our Royal Court! We are dedicated to making a difference through supporting orphan causes with our talents. We love being a part of God’s work “caring for the orphans.” James 1:27

Born in Your Heart – an inspirational design has become part of the Our Royal Court collection. It all started with our daughter Gloria (Princess Peach Tree) after we brought her into our family. She suffered from deep pain and confusion at the tender age of 4½ years old. As she was processing the trauma she lived through, she expressed her emotions through a drawing of two hearts as one. She received a very profound healing from her own artwork. I believe that it was a God-given gift.

I was so blown away by this experience that I asked Jim to make her design into jewelry. And so began “Born in Your Heart”.

The Our Royal Court collection is comprised of the Born in Your Heart, Love Grows, and Mandarin Chinese designs along with a variety of other hand selected jewelry pieces. Together, the sale of these pieces provide generous support for our family mission to provide funding for orphan/foster projects. God’s story is being written in our lives. I get to watch it unfold in ways that I could never imagine. All Glory be to God!

We have been so blessed to build our family through adoption. My husband and I have been designing and creating jewelry for over 35 years. How wonderful that our “Our Royal Court” are artisans too. We are honored to bring their artwork to market (along with our own) and use it as a means to support orphan care.

Many individuals have used our donations to bring children home from all over the world. Our Royal Court (The girls) have a direct influence in the choosing of the organizations or projects this line supports.

To learn more about our past and current projects and how you help us make a difference, please visit our blog in the Community section of this website.  Also to shop go to www.ourroyalcourt.com


Tammy Palmer

The Starfish Story

A storm washed up thousands of starfish! A young girl picks one up and tosses it back into the ocean… then another, and another. People watch, amused. A man says, “Little girl, what are you doing? You can’t save them all! It’s impossible to make a difference!” Returning another one into the ocean she says, “It made a difference to that one!”

We aren’t called to do it all, but we are called to do! Making a difference one precious life at a time!