Our Family

 We are a family of seven, blessed by adoption!…and one really cool MARVEL THE WONDER DOG and a Gracie the Great Doggie! “We have been so blessed that God put our family together in this way and are very mindful of the ones that are left behind. Not only are we a family put together through adoption, we are also blessed to all be made different. Our family knows a thing or two about missing limbs, strokes, cerebral palsy and a few other things.” The girls are our treasures… all born in our heart! All of our girls are artistic. We often take their drawings and create beautiful wearable art in the form of jewelry and ornaments. We then fund orphan care with some of these sales. It gives us a great purpose and everyone has ownership of our family business. It is really cool to have a ministry inside of our business. We end up with meaningful jewelry with a purpose! You can Shop our collections at Ashling Aine, Snow Wonders, and Our Royal Court . Be sure to sign up on our mailing list at the bottom of our site.   Blessings

The Palmer Family