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In 1985, with no more than $100 in my pocket, I began selling a variety of miscellaneous items at flea markets near my hometown. I happened on a wholesale company selling sterling silver and decided to try my hand at selling Sterling Silver jewelry.

Before long I developed a keen awareness of what people were interested in. Armed with this newly acquired skill, I decided that I wanted to have greater control over the design of the jewelry I sold. The lord answered my prayers when Jim, my future husband came into my life. Jim left a great job to try his hand at jewelry by taking an apprentice position with a local silversmith. We decided to create jewelry together and the rest is history!

We opened our first store together a few years later and expanded into wholesaling. Over the years we have sold our unique jewelry to HSN and QVC among some other catalog companies. We began doing jewelry shows and a wide variety of trade shows.

Jim and I were married in 1997 on Christmas Eve. Soon after we launched a collection that became very special to us: The SnowWonders Collection. These ornaments exploded into the retail market. Thousands were made and sold. The collection continues to sell out every year to this day!

As if that wasn’t keeping us busy enough, 1998 rolled in with a request from an Irish company for Celtic designs. We created 12 items and six of them were selected for the Irish company’s catalog. Jim and I are of Irish and Scottish descent so our interest grew in this line. The line expanded and grew popular as we cornered a niche market.

A couple years later, through jewelry trade shows, Jim and I met other jewelry makers that had factories in China and Thailand. After showcasing our designs, we were invited to begin manufacturing our designs overseas.

Fast forward to 2010, the company expanded into a larger building, employing 12 individuals that handled sales, operations and manufacturing. Soon after, an economic downturn forced us into the unenviable position of having to sell our building and downsize by moving our business home.

During these trying times, Jim and I decided it was time to build a family. After witnessing what life looked like to orphans in China, we went on to adopt 5 beautiful girls. Having strong religious convictions, we felt that God led us to each one. “He provided the way for each one to come home in spite of our obstacles and financial difficulties.”

The pandemic put a halt to all trade shows and most wholesale … leaving our struggling company to rely on sales via internet. “That is why we now have the need to refresh branding and build a more visible, user-friendly online presence.”

Despite our own challenges, we have always cared deeply about the plight of others. That’s why we developed the Our Royal Court line specifically to “give back”. A generous portion of each sale goes to providing financial support to orphan care through the sales of the designs inspired by our daughters’ drawings.

One of the greatest lessons we can give to our children is to focus on the good and set aside anything that prevents us from shining in God’s eternal grace. We are firm believers in approaching life with faith and optimism, and as a result, so many blessings have come our way for our family and our business!

As we “get back in the saddle again”, please visit the News section of this website to see a list of shows we will be participating in as well as new products, sales and MORE!

The Palmer Family