Marvel and Grace

Hello! Welcome to Labs and Family! Our two black Labs, Marvel and Grace, are physical assist service dogs for our family. Marvel and Grace have unique stories of how they came to our family.

Marvel the Wonder Dog:  

When Marvel was under four weeks old, she lived in Puerto Rico. She got separated from her litter and got stuck on a fence. She was stuck presumedly for several days when the Big Dog Ranch Rescue personnel found her. Her stomach was rotting. The Big Dog Ranch Rescue personnel took her to their headquarters in Loxahatchee, Florida, for emergency surgery. Around this time, we were bringing our whole family down to Florida for major leg surgeries for our youngest daughter, Hannah.

Our daughter Gloria and Daddy decided to volunteer for the medical center of the Big Dog Ranch Rescue. Gloria and Marvel met at the medical center. It was love at first sight. Gloria took care of Marvel in the medical field for several weeks, and we adopted her when she was eight weeks old.

Marvel became a physical assist dog for our daughter Hope. Her specialty is helping people get off the ground after falling, and she can help guide Hope in her walker. Marvel also loves people so much. She is funny, helpful, and makes people feel special. In Spanish origin, Marvel means "miracle to marvel at; wonderful, and extraordinary." She truly is a best friend. 


Gracie the Great:

Grace, when she was about one year old, I had a dream about a black lab that looked just like Marvel. In my dream, I was given details about her and told to name her Grace.

A few days after my dream, I saw a Facebook post about a dog named Lady Whistledown (Grace's temporary name) who was recused from an overcrowded kill center in Georgia and taken to New York. It was her time to be euthanized when she was rescued by the team at NYC Second Chances. She was the dog in my dream. I inquired about her. At first, we got a no due to them not adopting to our state of Ohio. We decided to request to adopt Grace anyway, despite the no. That no turned into a yes, and a wonderful woman named Pat helped us complete the paperwork for her within a few days. We traveled 1/2 way to pick up Grace in Pennsylvania, and we all knew she was ours, and she knew she was finally with her family.

 Grace became a physical assist dog who naturally desires to pick up objects for us. She opens and closes drawers, and doors, retrieves things and carries medical supplies. She is always on it; it's all business, and she likes to keep Marvel in line. She is loving, sharing, and so sweet. She has taught us so much about grace! We love her fiercely.


We are thankful to give back to The Big Dog Rescue Ranch and NYC Second Chance Rescue through these two amazing girls and our family's talents.


In addition, we are thankful to partner with Hands of Hope to provide medical help and service dogs for children with Physical superpowers from dogs that have been rescued and trained to provide a service and to be loved and taken care of. We love that dogs that have a rough start can find their purpose and greatness!

A Thank you to Bill Oliver from Custom Canine Company for helping us train our dogs and his endless support! -