Labs and Family Mission

Our Mission-

We are the Palmer family. The things that keep us busy are five children, two rescue service dogs, and a family business that creates Jewelry and Ornaments.
Labs and Family will be a mission-minded platform to promote humor about life with our two lab mixes (Marvel and Grace) sharing tips on training a service dog and giving back to the two shelters from which they came, as well as the Hands Of Hope that provides medical help and physical assist Service Dogs to children with Superpowers.

Creating content and designs to bring awareness to rescue service dogs and surgeries for children with superpowers is right in our lane. We have lived this life for many years and understand the faith, hope, dreams, fears, needs, and help it takes to keep moving forward. Labsandfamily is our opportunity to give back to others using our experience and talents.


About Us: 

Using our talents as jewelry and ornament makers make it natural to create Doggy designs and content that gives back to the two shelters Marvel and Grace came from and support Hands Of Hope in providing medical help and service dogs. (from rescue dogs) to children like ours with physical superpowers. When you can make something great from what you have to work with, you know that God is working everything out.


Each person has been perfectly and wonderfully made. We understand the healing and help that dogs bring to a family. Service dogs are a special gift that can provide more independence, friendship, love, support, and care to their humans. Witnessing them working so hard to love and serve is humbling. We love being a part of this kind of greatness. Marvel and Grace came from shelters (You can read about them here.) There was always greatness in them both. They were waiting for someone to say YES! They are also so funny too. We travel as a family and do all kinds of cool things. We don't let how we are packaged define anything.

You will love our adventures. Make sure to like our FaceBook and Instagram pages to see what silly things, tender moments, and great jobs they do.

Our humans are really cool, too.


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To Donate to Marvel’s Rescue: Big Dog Ranch Rescue



To Donate to Grace's Rescue: New York Second Chance Rescue



To donate to provide Service dogs to children with physical superpowers: Hands Of Hope: 

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