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TRINITY Love Grows Heart and Flower bracelet/ Anklet (HM112)

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Bracelet length: 6.5

trinity?: with trinity

Sku: HM112
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Love Grows, designed by our daughter Gloria Palmer age nine. She loves to draw hearts and flowers. The combination of this striking design will delight your soul.

BEAUTIFUL and Meaningful Bracelet/Anklet

Six hearts inside of a larger heart form a beautiful flower. I love the dimension that has been captured in her design. We added to that a BEAUTIFUL Trinity knot to pull in faith and spiritual strength as well as our Irish/Scottish roots. Can be sold with or w/o the trinity.

My friend Polly has said, when we include others in our circle of love, our love does NOT divide into tiny pieces for each person, love MULTIPLIES AND GROWS! And that is our daily Prayer for our family, that our love would grow!

This could be a love for someone, God, or your heritage. You take this perfect piece of art and make it your own!

Trinity Love grows bracelet/anklet come on a Beautiful Rolo
9.5" anklet
10.5"- anklet
Heart- Measures 1"
Flower Height 26mm
Flower width26MM wide
Made from 316 L stainless Steel- Made to LAST!

*316 L Stainless Steel does NOT tarnish or rust. It is very hard and durable. It has a beautiful luster that can be buffed and polished to remove fingerprints or scratches.


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