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Scottish Thistle Pin/Pendant (JPEW5301)

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This pin has so many ways to wear it. How about a lapel or Celtic boutonniere pins. Lovely for a Scottish wedding. This brooch can be worn on a shaw, necklace, tartan, hat, lapel, or you decide! It would look lovely in bouquets too. Man or woman.

The Scottish Thistle is the emblem of Scotland, adopted during the reign of Alexander the Third (1249-1286). Legend tells that an army of Norsemen landed on the coast of Largs late at night to surprise and conquer the Scots. To move more quietly, the Norsemen removed their footwear...but one hapless soldier stepped on a thistle, and cried out in pain, thus alerting the Scots who rose up and were victorious. Our Scottish Thistle Pin/Pendant pays homage to this delightful flower, so steeped in that country's history. Measuring 2 3/8" in length and 7/8" across at its widest point, this elegant piece comes to you with a brilliant center CZ. Worn as a pin, it looks absolutely stunning holding a scarf or gracing the lapel of a coat or jacket. As a pendant, it makes a lovely, refined statement. This is sure to become a favorite piece in your jewelry collection.

GREAT for a lapel or Celtic boutonniere pins. Lovely for a Scottish wedding

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