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Infinity Knot Necklace (S315)

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So simple, stately, and beautiful with a DEEP spiritual meaning! A beautiful gift to share!

The infinity symbol represents a sense of simplicity and balance. It reminds us to be conscious of where we are and the endless possibilities we have before us. It means forever and always!

It is a simple #8 turned sideways. It fits in so beautifully with Celtic Art because it is an under and over the knot with no beginning or end! Meaning forever!

Many people use infinity symbols to signify their love will never end. Others use it to represent the faith they have in God. If you bought an infinity necklace for a friend, it could indicate that your friendship will never end.

Interestingly., the number 8 represents infinity and everything in the universe, which is infinite; Infinite love, infinite energy, infinite time, in other words, 8 represents complete and endless abundance without any disadvantages

Recently the beauty of infinity is being used to express support for Autism.

The definition of Infinity: 1a: the quality of being infinite. b: the unlimited extent of time, space, or quantity: boundlessness. 2: an indefinitely great number or the amount and infinity of stars.

Details include:
-Infinity Knot measures 15mm wide by 8mm Tall
-Comes on a chain measuring 16" that extends to 20" **If you want a different length, please leave me a note.
-nickel free
316L Stainless Steel necklace
-High Polished

*316 L Stainless Steel does NOT tarnish or rust. It is very hard and durable. It has a beautiful luster that can be buffed and polished to remove fingerprints or scratches.

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