Butterfly SnowWonders® Snowflake Ornament, (SW6071)

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STUNNING, Beautiful, and full of meaning.

Our Butterfly SnowWonders® Ornament is a unique piece featuring a circle of six large Butterflies and an inner circle of an additional six, with a delicate snowflake in the center. The intricate design and dimensional detail of this ornament will captivate you. It's small enough to be worn as a large signature pendant and large enough to make a striking addition to your Christmas tree. This would also look lovely on a window or hung from something dear to you.

Butterflies symbolize transformation, beauty, rebirth, hope, freedom, endurance, and love. The old life is gone, and the new life has begun.

Butterflies represent the possibility of renewal, reminding us that we can emerge from challenges revitalized and renewed. To be transformed from a caterpillar who is needy and dependent to an independent butterfly, he must undergo the sometimes painful metamorphosis process. Our Human transition is similar to the caterpillar: We are needy and bound to earthly things until we go through the healing and restoration process God desires. Butterflies make perfect memorial gifts, too.

What a beautiful addition to our SnowWonders® collection.

Rhodium over lead-free pewter
Highly polished with a light antique to show off the details
Back on top for hanging or wearing.
2 5/8" length
2 11/16" width
Personalization options. 4.00 each- Birthstones, initials, and a year
We can add words and names, too. Please request a price quote.

SnowWonders ® is our family's registered design. No designs may be copied without permission.permission.

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