December 2014: Well Project | Africa

Written by Tammy Palmer


Posted on December 19 2014

The Well Project is an exciting twist!

I am in Awe of God and His multifaceted ways.

What a beautiful project. A well for a whole village would serve people for a very LONG time. We partnered with an extraordinary lady named Beth from The House of Hope in Ghana, Africa. Beth would find the perfect home for the well near the orphanage that she serves. When we met, she said, “May I ask, what happened to Gloria’s arm?” I replied, “She was born that way.” Gloria is the artist behind Born in Your Heart, and she is our daughter. She was born missing limbs, including most of her left arm.

We had $4,000.00 from our sales collected and ready to give back to God on behalf of Born in Your Heart. That was enough to begin the well, understanding that it would be about a $6,000.00 project. But, we all agreed it was enough to begin the project. So she searched for JUST the right place. She felt that she would have a sign from God.

I told Beth that I trusted God to lead her to where He wanted that well to be. Beth called me a few weeks ago to share her incredible story. Her story was breathtaking. She reported that she and her director drove all over Ghana looking for a specific person. Can you imagine that? A person for who most people would never give a second thought. A very forgotten, voiceless lady with eight children, no electricity or water. AND through a series of unlikely events and GREAT bravery, they found her. Yet Beth still needed a sign and confirmation. What she shared next became very personal and perfect to me. A man came over to Beth from the neighboring home. He was carrying a bible. He introduced himself as this woman’s brother and the pastor of this village. His name is Samuel. Are you ready for this twist? Samuel is missing a part of his arm too. When Beth asks him How that happened, He replied the same way I did, “I was born that way.” Beth was awestruck and had her confirmation, and so did I.

Can you imagine Samuel praying to God for help and provision? He may have even prayed for a miracle. I wonder how he is processing having clean water well dug in his backyard to serve his entire village? I wonder what He thinks about a little girl across the globe with a “little perfect arm just like his, being the inspiration and his answer to his earnest prayers.” I wonder most at what his faith looks like now? AND Gloria is amazed that she has found another with a similar arm, born that way, who loves the same God. I can tell you; it has me in complete awe! A most unlikely heavenly hook-up if not for an extraordinary God! 



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