For the Love of Music

Written by Tammy Palmer


Posted on October 21 2023

New! Hannah's First Design! You are going to love it.

Find it here

For the Love of Music is a special ornament designed by an extra special sweet girl who loves music. Our designer of this treasure is our 10-year-old daughter Hannah Palmer in 2023. We are thankful to have it in our collection.

If you are a music lover or looking for the perfect gift for someone who is, this may be what you're looking for.

For the Love of Music comprises six treble clefs outside the snowflake with six more inside of artistic hearts, all creating an inner circle. A cutout heart is in the very center of this adorable snowflake, representing love.

The details are so beautiful with the added dimension throughout this gorgeous music snowflake.
You may want to pick up a few of them.

While designed for the tree, you could also,
hang it on your wall as a decoration, wear it as a large pendant, attach a prism, and hang it as a suncatcher, or let your imagination be your guide.

This design will make an excellent gift for music lovers.




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